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Doc-Analyser provides key word search across a single document or numerous documents. Our Microsoft Word Add-in provides access to platform resources from within the Word document. Searches can also be conducted from within Doc-Tracker and search results can be saved.
Our technology will help you review documents thoroughly and faster, reducing the risk of error, providing peace of mind.


Review searches the unstructured text of legal documents.  Different types of search are supported, including frequency counts which show how many times a word or phrase appears in a document, and document comparisons display results across any number of documents.


Review is underpinned by “Concepts” which contain words and phrases that characterise a legal provision or which are typically found within a given clause.  The content of a document of interest can be found quickly and checked to make sure issues have been addressed.

Knowledge Integration

Review is integrated with Knowledge, enabling seamless access to content to determine if action needs to be taken.


Reduces the risk of oversight by ensuring that documents are systematically reviewed for individual concepts and checklists.

Improves productivity by speeding up the review of complex documents and of a volume of documents.

Speeds up the amendment of documents through seamless integration with Knowledge guidance on how to respond to the issue arising with the language in the document.

Maximise the use of the scarce time of senior staff by safely delegating searches to non-subject-matter experts.

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