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Doc-Tracker is a workflow tool to manage documents. A dashboard shows performance against the agreed times for completion, key data about contracts, and alerts. Individual case files contain important information about the document, including a description of the work to be done, the parties to the document, and saved searches of documents.
Our technology will help you work faster and manage your documents more effectively.

Document management

A document is uploaded into Doc-Tracker together with details of the parties in the case of a contract. The document is assigned a time within which the work must be completed. The reporting tool enables data about contract types to be captured and trends monitored via the MI dashboard, whilst alerts provide notice of key events and obligations.

Approval process

Obtain feedback from stakeholders on work-in-progress documents. Keep a record and copy of the approved document.

Members' functions

Mark the Case as New, In Progress, Hold, Complete, Signed, or Terminated. The table indicates the extent to which the Case is complete according to the number of documents that make up the Case. The dates on which the Case was created, updated, and completed are displayed.

Messaging features

The messaging feature allows team members to communicate between themselves and third parties about the document.


Important information about a matter is accessible through an intuitive workflow when it is needed.

Maintain and display information about the status of matters 24×7.

Reduce risk associated with insecure email by communicating via the secure messaging feature whilst at the same time providing a complete and accurate trail of messages.

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