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We have populated Knowledge with guidance and contractual language that reflects decades of practice at the highest level in the field. The graphical interface makes accessing the information easy, enabling you to leverage our experience.
Our technology will help you work faster, making more time for your strategic business.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge is the knowledge base of the Productivity Centre.  Playbooks and information about contracts are indexed and visualised. The different parts of a subject are accessible by reference to the topic.


To illustrate the power of Knowledge, we have created a comprehensive model of an NDA showing the different terms and how they impact the party receiving or disclosing confidential information. The decision trees of playbooks are graphically displayed, so you keep track of where you are in the process.


Knowledge content can be searched or browsed and is integrated with our search tool, Review.  This means you can search for a term in your document and obtain instant guidance of whether and, if so, how to respond.


Drafting routine language afresh or reaching for the latest, or worse, a distant past version of a clause in another contract is time-consuming and risky.  Access and apply our trustworthy language (even if after amending it) in seconds.

Help members of your team with practical guidance when you are not around.  Textbooks and academic papers are not a solution on the front-line when time is pressing. We get straight to the point so you benefit from our experience and knowledge of the issues.

We think our language is good, but you can create your own within the platform if you prefer. Either way, save time and reduce risk.

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