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Precedents automates the production of tailored contracts and other template documents according to clear questions and answers. Our library includes first drafts of entire agreements. In some cases, a rider to be inserted into a document may itself be complicated and require editing before the language can be used. We have created automated riders to speed-up the process.
Our technology will enable you to generate documents fast and safely, improving your productivity.


Precedents is a document assembly tool.  We have created numerous templates, from pre-contract instructions to proceed with services to NDAs, accompanied by a large clause library, also accessible through Knowledge. We welcome ideas from our clients as to the documents they would find helpful.


The template editor drafts questions and answers to determine if the variable text is relevant. The end user answers the questions and Precedents populates the document with the variable text or omits the text according to the answers.


The variable text of a document, such as a letter, contract or memorandum, that may or may not be required in a given context is held in a library of templates.


Vastly reduces the time taken to prepare a document compared to manual equivalent.

Ensures consistency of output based on the same requirements.

Saves time and cost by enabling less experienced or commercial colleagues prepare quality legal documentation.

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